BigCommerce vs Shopify

BigCommerce vs Shopify : Which Is Better?

If you are just starting out to build an online e-commerce shop, the choice between BigCommerce and Shopify is often the first speed breaker.

There must have been developers trying to convince you why Magento is the best e-commerce platform, but BigCommerce and Shopify give Magento a tough fight.

 Bigcommerce vs Shopify

While BigCommerce claims to offer more native e-commerce tools than Shopify without costly add-ons or transaction fees that can cost up to 2% of each sale helping their merchants to earn 34% more sales on average than Shopify, you can start selling goods online a lot cheaper with Shopify, with the ‘Lite’ plan only costing $9 per month.

But before making the final dip, it is advisable to browse through Shopify and BigCommerce’s sites carefully and sign up for their free trials to see for yourself what they offer. You have to get your hands dirty and invest a few hours with each of them to know which one fits you better.