Drupal vs. WordPress

Drupal vs. WordPress- Which is A Better Choice?

For starters here are a few general guiding principles for choosing Drupal vs. WordPress…

Drupal vs. WordPress infographic

When to use WordPress

  • The site will be in the small to medium size range,
  • Designing and rolling out the site quickly is important,
  • The site is mostly informational in nature, such as a blog, magazine or small business,
  • Ease of use is important, and
  • The people who will be maintaining the site on a day-to-day basis have very little technical ability.

When to use Drupal

  • The site will start out big and will likely get bigger and bigger over time,
  • The site will be developed by professionals,
  • The site needs to handle a complex variety of content types, from multimedia to eCommerce, and mCommerce,
  • Multilingual support is important, and
  • Ease of use is not that important because there is a dedicated IT staff to update and make changes to the site.