How check out can affect your conversion rate?

For every e-commerce store checkout is the place where you convert your visitor to buyer. Conversion processing a crucial thing you  must need to work on while dealing with e-commerce. You will lose a huge amount just because of user unfriendly checkout.

Which one to use? Single page check out or multiple page check out ?

It’s a quite unsure thing while implementing check out to your store. Different statistics have been found on both of these. In some e-commerce sites single page check out gives more conversion rate. On the other hand in some e-commerce sites multiple checkout works better. So it an experimental thing  and  see which one gives you better conversion rate.


Usually it’s seen that when you sell a limited number of products or single product online multiple page checkout gives better conversion rate. But with huge number of heterogeneous products single page check out gives better result.


What not to do in check out?

Do not use mandatory sign up:

Usually people do not like to work much. They tend to easy buying of things. Therefore you have to enable the checkout so that buyer can directly buy without registering first. Buyers want their data to be safe but at the same time want easy buying . So checking out as a guest user is very important to get more conversion rate.

Free shipping:

Free shipping is one thing which attracts more customers. People do not want to pay above the price of the product. Conversion rate is highest when you give free shipping.


Cash on delivery:

Cash on delivery is another thing which impacts more on conversion rate. Global statistics show that people order more on cash on delivery option rather than direct payment.