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Why you should move to Magento 2 in 2017 April 8, 2017 0 Comment

Are you having Magento 1.9 based store ? Are you thinking about upgrading the store to Magento 2 ? Or are you confused whether to move to Magento 2 or not ? I going to help you in this case whether you should or should not move to Magento 2.

Here are the reasons why you should upgrade the store to magento 2:

1. Performance:

Performance is a key factor in any e-commerce store. Your whole business depends on it. Magento 2 has an improved performance over 1.9. It is faster than the previous version .

2. Improved checkout option:

Earlier you faced a a rough and sticky check out for your products, but now in Magento 2 you will get a streamlined checkout process with much smoother than the previous one. Magento 2 has the functionality of recognizing you with the email address in the default guest checkout page .

3. Admin interface:

Earlier you faced an ugly or non user friendly admin interface perhaps. But right now the admin interface is modified and made it much better . Now you can customize it and options are provided in an intuitive and distinctive manner.

4. New responsive theme:

Magento 2 has come up with a new theme called LUMA with better usability than its previous Madison island theme.

* What are the advantages of using LUMA to Madison Island ?

More sliders to a visitors making them busy with entire contents of the page in the form of tiles rather than making them wait to see what the next banner carries. So user accessibility to content increased.

Products are displayed in two layers rather than one row in Madison Island. So visual space is increased with a void in the second row not filling it fully.

5. Category pages:

Category pages in LUMA has distinct line making them visible easily. And product photos are much bigger giving a clear visibility than the previous one. So a vistor can identify an item easily.

6. Increased width:

LUMA has an increased width of 300px in the theme thereby making image thumbnails more visible.

7. Product page:

LUMA has more clear product page than the previous one.

Clear product description and call to action make it easy for buyer to focus on the related information

8. Cart page:

LUMA has one step checkout option, and after it you can go for Review and Payment options and Promo Code area in the second tab. Madison Island has 6 steps. Obviously one step is far than 6 steps.

So from the above discussion you can decide why you should move your store to Magento 2.

Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Power Your Business- Infographic April 5, 2017 0 Comment

Who would have imagined that a basic publishing tool for bloggers released almost 10 years ago, could be so powerful that it will be powering more than 22% of all new websites? WordPress platform is both free and priceless at the same time, its plugins and themes compatibility offers practically unlimited capabilities for its users. WiniThemes comprised a set of interesting figures of 10 years of WordPress into an infographic. Have a look!

In the future, it is expected to represent a significant part of web development and design giving the opportunity for all bloggers, developers, freelancers, startups or businesses to set up a website in a matter of days, with minimal resources and programming knowledge.

Key Takeaways
* 22% of new websites are powered by WordPress
* Over 16% of the whole Internet is powered by WordPress
* 39.3 million posts are published on WordPress each month
* $40 is the average price for a premium WordPress theme

6 Online Marketing Myth And The Shocking Reality August 18, 2015 0 Comment

Online marketing is evolving at a fast pace and marketers around the world are leveraging it to gain maximum conversions. To get positive results marketers use all possible strategies to increase their online visibility. But sometimes in the effort to get this online visibility they use realistic and unrealistic mediums. Realistic ways certainly turn out to be an asset with time, however, the unrealistic path often takes them in the wrong direction with negative results.

The outcome is generally due to absence of full preparedness for what’s needed to execute a rightful marketing strategy. In such a case the business eventually suffocates, dismantling your chance to flourish. Prevalence of some myths, misconceptions and their execution are creating such scenario.

The impact of Wearable Devices on E-commerce 0 Comment

A new revolution has taken up the E-commerce world with the emergence of wearable technology. Once used by the tech savvy clan, wearable technology is now getting into the skin of common man.

Also known as fashion electronics and wearable gadgets, wearables are a unique blend of aesthetic accessories and computer processors in the same device. These devices communicate with user’s smartphone to give fitness information, simpler access to Apps and notifications in the form of messages.

5 Ways in Which Internet of Things will Transform E-Commerce 1 Comment

The Internet of Things (IOT) is already connected to billions of things previously unconnected from Internet. In fact, by 2020 this number will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming all the way from IOT.

Regardless of these great facts, majority of us reading this post have no idea what Internet of Things is all about?

No problem! Lets know things better

Is Your Online Store Slow? Find Out The Reasons Why? August 14, 2015 0 Comment

When it comes to E-Commerce segment, which makes a major chunk of the world wide web, speed is something that makes a big difference. Going by Amazon’s reports, there is an increase of 1% in Amazon’s revenue for every millisecond drop in the loading time.

You may have a good website but if it doesn’t focus on the speed it won’t entertain your consumers and in return they won’t entertain you. If you want your e-commerce store to convert well, design it with duo targets of users experience and website speed.