Why a hybrid app ?

Hybrid application takes edge over native application in case of its cross platform compatibility. Native applications are for specific platform. You cannot run an android app in iOS. Similar case for iOS. But hybrid apps are for all platform or operating system. You can install anywhere.



When you go for an application development you have mainly two options. One is native app and another is hybrid app. But when you go for native app there you have to develop separate application for separate operating system. Which rises your cost of development to twice of what you can do with a hybrid app. Suppose you have built your app for android now to avail the app for iOS users again you have to make the app for iOS. So from the point of view of cost hybrid wins the race.

Cross platform compatibility:

Because of its cross browser compatibility any one can install it to his/her mobile. People will always go for the one which is cross platform compatible and provide them the best user experience.

User experience:

User experience is a crucial thing in application. If you cannot provide better experience then you lose the market. Entire customer satisfaction depends upon user experience. Hybrid apps are comparatively ahead of native apps in case of native apps. Because of its simple usability and interface it provides better user experience.

Less time consuming:

Hybrid apps take less time for development in comparison to native apps. The frameworks for hybrid application make it easy and less complicated to work on apps.

Therefore with these advantages we can definitely go for hybrid app development.