Will M-Commerce Overtake E-Commerce

Infographic- Will M-Commerce Overtake E-Commerce?

Will M-Commerce Overtake E-Commerce?
Retail spending habits are transforming. Smartphones, E-commerce, and M-commerce are growing. There are infinite tools which the consumers use to have full control over their purchases. Keeping in mind the changing trends and the digital market, retailers must adopt mobile and online strategies to ensure their success in the changing market.

How is M-Commerce changing the shopping experience?
Consumers are shopping on gadgets worldwide. It is a known fact that digital platforms have become an essential part of the shopping experience. According to a survey by Google, mobile devices and apparel shoppers in the discovery of new brands. If shoppers are already aware of certain brands, mobile devices will remind them to be conscious of and reconsider them in over 15% of cases. Moreover, after searching on a mobile phone, 26% of consumers were influenced to complete purchases
mobile friendly websites are the next big thing in the digitalized world.
Here’s an infographic conveying that how mobile commerce is the next big thing